First Lady, Michelle Obama told Jimmy Fallon recently that her first concert experience was a Stevie Wonder concert.  She and a friend were asked to come on stage near the end of the concert to help sing Ebony & Ivory.  How cool is that?

As you can imagine, being in country radio, I have many opportunities to attend country concerts. I had to go way, way back in the time machine for my first concert experience though, all the way back to 1977. It was at the Great Plains Colisuem and the group was Charlie Daniels Band.  I remember sitting up really high on the concrete bleachers thinking it was the coolest experience ever!


Since then, I have had many, many other memories, including seeing my favorite singer, George Strait, five times.  Always a great show.  One of my recent favorites was seeing Lady Antebellum in Wichita Falls last December.  The show was incredible.

Who was your first concert exerience?