When you think of noises that remind you of summer, what comes to mind? 

For many it's the sound of an ice cream truck as it rolls through the neighborhood. So it's sad to hear that the city of Long Beach, California, is considering banning ice cream truck jingles because they're considered a "noise nuisance."

At a council meeting this week, City Councilman Dee Andrews proposed that the city regulate the trucks' operations to cut down on "the nuisance that ice cream trucks create." Andrews says he's been overwhelmed with resident complaints for a long time, and he's requesting that the trucks be forbidden from playing their music when they're stopped and dispensing ice cream.

One resident added his statement to the anti-truck movement: "Each year, the Ice Cream Truck noise gets louder and the trucks increase in numbers. It has definitely affected my quality of life for years and I am thankful that something is being proposed to address the problem."

Do you have memories of the ice cream truck rolling through your neighborhood? What was your favorite choice?