So yesterday was my Soldier's Birthday.  I said it on the radio, but I put off posting anything here.  I told Tyler is was because I was waiting until the actual time of his birth which was in the evening.
For someone who is nearly never at a loss for words, I find it hard to come up with the feelings that I am feeling today.  Tyler had a hard time coming into the world, and he was so tiny.  We worked hard, Tyler and I, getting his little lungs developed enough to make his appearance.  He was a fighter though, all 6 pounds of him.
He has been fighting ever since too, whether trying to make the best time in JROTC, to defending the goal for Macarthur Soccer, to finding his place in this world. The US Army, has taken him across the world to Africa where he spent Christmas without his family. Now, Tyler has spent his Birthday away from home too. It was sad for me not having him here, but I am so so proud of the man that he is.  He had always been a person of character, and he expects that from those around him, and yes, he gets frustrated when he doesn't get what he gives.
My Tyler has a huge heart too, and would never hurt anyone on purpose.  He loves his Momma and his sister and brother-in-law, the babies, his boy Ranger and his two closest battle buddies, Eric and Kyle.
I love this boy so much and he makes so proud ....every single day.  Hope your Birthday was wonderful, we'll have 'dessert to die for' when you come home! Love you more than words... Love, Mom