I have told you stories of my dog Cooper.  He is an escape artist.  He thinks that when he gets out of the back yard that it is this huge game.  He likes nothing better than to let you get a foot or two away from him then take off running the opposite direction.

Even with all of his crazy antics, I still love that little dog so much.  I just wish he was a little more trained.  His only trick is, when he is in trouble, he will roll over on his back for you to rub his belly.  I guess he thinks that if he does that, you will forget why you were mad at him.  Hmmm, smart dog!

We have a couple of co-workers that have Yorkies like cooper and one of them found this video of a very talented Yorkie, Misa.  Seriously, if I could get Cooper to do just one of these tricks I would be so proud!

Check out this video and get to training your own little doggies!