I was shocked earlier this month when I saw that there is actually a National day for Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  Here at the radio station, we have been recognizing it for years!

Again, I want to state for the record, that just because I wore a Christmas sweater today, and loaned several out to my co-workers, that I am in no way admitting that any of the aforementioned sweaters are 'ugly'.  OK, maybe one of them.

When did cute snowmen or Santa sweaters become ugly?  I must have missed the memo.  I used to wear these every day in December, every year, forever.  And then I would pack them away and save them til next year.  I have had some of these sweaters longer than I have had my Grandchildren!

I hope that you enjoy your ugly sweater day the way that Townsquare media did, with prizes for the ugliest!  And, kudos to our boss for being a true sport and donning the sweater vest.  Honorable mentions to the late submission from Kelso,  Well played, Kelso, well played.

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