Oklahoma is still rattling from aftershocks yesterday after experiencing the biggest earthquake in the state's history on Saturday.

Only two minor injuries from the 5.6 magnitude earthquake were reported by the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management.  And no major damage was reported, aside from a buckled highway and a fallen tower at the Saint Gregory's University administration building in Shawnee.

David and I had just finished watching the OSU vs Kansas State game which, in itself, was super exciting.  Every time I would yell, the dogs would bark.  Tooter was acting very strange all evening but I thought it was just because we were excited over the game then at about 10:53 pm, what we thought was a HUGE gust of wind hit the house.  I turned to look at David in his recliner and then noticed the house moving side to side.  I put my palms down on the sofa like that was going to stop the house from moving.  We just stared at each other and then the inevitable "What the ....." came out.  He jumped on the news and I jumped on Facebook!

I found this video of Kirk Herbstreit as he was covering the wrap up on the OSU game.  Watch his eyes!



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