I grew up in a Military family.  My dad was in the Army when I was born, so I never knew another way of life.

I think that being an 'Army brat' was a great upbringing.  I was able to see parts of this country that I may never have seen if not for new duty stations every 3-4 years!  I love to list the places that I have lived and attended school.  My Daddy retired here at Ft. Sill in 1972, and this is where we made our home.  I remember getting up in the middle of the night to welcome Dad home from a deployment and I remember always being so proud that he was my Dad.  As I said on the air, my Dad did not die in combat, but he devoted his life to the service of our country. To me that makes his a hero.

Speaking of heroes. I have to turn now to my son Tyler.  Tyler enlisted in the Army about 3 years ago.  When he took me to lunch to tell me his news, I think he was afraid that I would balk at the idea of my baby boy leaving the nest.  I surprised him by telling him how proud his Paw-Paw would have been of him following in his footsteps.  Tyler is deployed this Memorial Day.  I am looking forward welcoming him home just like I did with my Daddy so many years ago.

Two heroes in a family of heroes. My mother's Daddy was in the Navy.  To say that I have been blessed is an understatement!  God Bless you and your hero soldiers this Memorial Day.