Capitol Hill is on lockdown after reports of gunshots being fired near the Senate Hart Office Building.

People have been escorted into the Supreme Court building as Capitol police investigate the shooting.

The Associated Press has stated that there are unconfirmed reports of one police officer being injured.

The photo you see has been taken by Marc Schloss who is currently visiting Capitol Hill. Schloss states in his tweet with the photo:

"No joke on Capitol Hill as Cops are running with machine guns as reports of shots being fired at Capitol."

UPDATE 2:43 P.M: The lockdown has been lifted.

ABC reports a female suspect rammed the gates of the White House which then launched a High Speed chase onto Pennsylvania Avenue.

Reports from NBC indicate that shots were exchange between the suspect and police and that the suspect has been killed.

There have been confirmed reports that at least one Capitol police officer has been injured.

Police have yet to identify the woman suspect but have stated that the vehicle she was in was an out-of-state vehicle and that no other weapons were found when a search was conducted.

This incident takes place two weeks after the Navy Yard shooting where civilian contractor Aaron Alexis carried out the act killing 12 people and injuring 3 others.

Before the lockdown, lawmakers were in the middle of negotiations to end the government shutdown. The House of Representative had just approved legislation to pay National Guard and Reserve members.

NBC also reports that Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy, was a victim of a "minor incident" last night.

"A random individual, unknown to the Congressman, began screaming at him and grabbed his arm," a spokesperson for Duffy said in describing the incident. "Mr. Duffy was unharmed. He reported the incident in compliance with House security procedures. Congressman Duffy has requested no further action be taken and there will be no further comment on the matter at this time."

Whether that incident and today's incident have any relation is unknown at this time.