Dear parents lets be honest with each other – sometimes when it comes to dressing our kids in Halloween costumes some most of us go overboard and fast forward 15 years from now we have to explain to our some what irritated teenager that he/she looked so cute as ‘Edward Scissorhand.’ Here are our top 7 Halloween costumes to avoid this season!

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    Even though this costume is attention grabbing, still not the most practical for several reasons: when it gets dark outside it will be difficult for a car to see your kid when he/she is crossing the street. Also all the scissors hanging from this costumes can hurt not only your child, but also another kid.
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    Dressing your kid as Julia Roberts from 'Pretty Woman' is beyond inappropriate for so many reasons we are not sure where to start. The black knee high boots, the mini skirt, the yellow blond wig, or the combination of it all will only get stares from the rest of the parents. That's why we think you should avoid this outfit not only this year, but many more!

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    We've all been there - it's the day before Halloween and you are stuck at some party supply store staring at the costumes aisle thinking 'Last year we were Jasmin, the year before that a Beach Barbie, so yeah this year a Pirate mate' - listen to us - put that costume where it belongs - on the sale rack and walk away - you're going to save yourself a lot of grief 10 years from now!
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    Are you kidding us, please tell me you didn't actually dress your kid as a pack of smokes and yourself as a bottle of good ol' Jack Daniels? Why? Funny - you say - not so much. Definitely avoid this disastrous outfit combo this Halloween season.
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    You got something right on this one - pimps are scary, usually not the most upstanding citizens of our society, so why don't you avoid this costume and go with something less pimpish - say Abe Lincoln?

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    We are not sure what this little girl is dressed as, but one thing is for sure she won't get any respect from her peers and I am afraid she might even get ridiculed for this outfit - so be wise! 

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    And costume No. 1 on our list is yes that's right Jesus! Unless your kid is taking a part in a school play, dressing him as Jesus is a bit very inappropriate. Consider Spiderman, Harry Potter, even Edward Culling would be more appropriate for Halloween then Jesus. 

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