She has been the hottest item in country music and in the pop world as well.  But then Shania Twain decided to take a back seat to it all and regroup.  

And now the world is getting ready to hear from Shania Twain like never before.  She has started to record again and her first single in a long time was released this past summer.  And now she has teamed up with Michael Buble' on a Christmas classic that will be released on Micheal's new album on October 24th.

As a fan of Shania Twain since her humble beginnings back in the 1990's (Who's Bed Have Your Boots Been Under) through today, I think she has come back with a passion that will push her back in to the top of her game again.

Just listening to the snippet on this video not only has me ready for the holidays but more from Shania twain as well.