Right now it seems pretty bad in Southwest Oklahoma and Northern Texas.  Farmers and Ranchers are losing their crops and selling off entire herds because of the drought.  We'll come back, we’re tough! 

We will look back at the summer of '11 and talk about how dry it was and how many days we went without rain; and days and days of temperatures above 100 degrees; and how it was so dry that the soil was pulling away from the foundation of the buildings and leaving cracks in the ground that you thought for sure a calf could fall through.    We'll talk about the drought of '11 like our parents and grandparents talk of the dust bowl days of the 30's.   We'll make it through a little tougher and a little more appreciative of what we have, just like our parents and grandparents did.  People talk about the '30's and how those that went through the depression save more, recycle more, reuse more.  How they grew up during a time when you fixed and mended things instead of throwing them away and buying something new.  Maybe this is a time to reflect on those values and get back to them.

David hauled a few cattle off tonight because our hay fields aren’t producing and we won’t be able to feed our entire herd through the winter.  I know that there are ranchers that are selling off entire herds and I can’t imagine what they are going through right now.  This is a way of life for them.  This is not just a job and an income it’s in their blood and in their hearts.  It’s a tough time for them.  Please, say thanks to a farmer and rancher and let them know you appreciate all the hard work they do to provide food for our tables.

A dear friend sent me a link to a video.  He must have known that I was going to need this about now.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.