Sugarland is feeling very fortunate to have survived the Indiana State Fair stage collapse last weekend that killed 5 and injured dozens. Under most circumstances, Jennifer Nettles, Kristian Bush and the band would have been on that stage the moment it came down. Instead, they were backstage - thanks to a last minute decision by their road manager. It's been reported that Sugarland had the OK from concert organizers to go ahead with their show. But their road manager, Hellen Rollens, made the decision to hold the band backstage until the storm blew over. Another member of Sugarland's management team has said that the band was standing in a prayer circle waiting to take the stage when the collapse occured. It appears that the decision by Rollens to keep the band off stage was both insightful and life-saving.

Sugarland is resuming their tour Thursday, and planning a memorial service to honor victims of the tragedy. More on that here. They've also posted a letter to fans on their website.