The Echo Nest, a self-proclaimed "music intelligence company" for major music firms has recently conducted a study and have determined the most popular music artists and bands across the United States.

Paul Lamere, the director of The Echo Nest determined this list by the number of streams for a given artist for all 50 states, using a database of his clients' users.

Lamere told Business Insider that the list does not necessarily reflect the most-listened-to bands in each state, but rather the bands that have unusually high support in each state.

An app has also been developed for users to compare where these artists rank in other states and regions across the continental United States.

According to the survey, country artist Jason Aldean, seemed to have the most support in the state of Oklahoma.

You can find the full list of what artists and bands are deemed 'most supported' in the other 49 states on Lamere's blog 'Music Machinery'