Baby’s First Big Laugh [VIDEO]
I have always said there is nothing funnier than a babies laugh. Watch this Dad's reaction when his newborn baby laughs for the first time. Try not to laugh yourself! ADORABLE!
Baby Plays With Dachshund in The Bathtub [VIDEO]
There is nothing better than a babies laugh to make you giggle. Watch as this baby laughs and plays with a dachshund puppy. Try to not giggle. My mini-dachshund named 'Tooter' loves to take a bath. If it were her in the video she would have already been in the bathtub...
Twin Babies Rock Out to Johnny Cash in Cute New Video
Johnny Cash, aka the Man in Black, was the king of infinite cool, and not exactly someone who would automatically come to mind when you think of lullabies or music with which to soothe babies. That is until the proud parents of 9-month-old twins Reece and Levi decided to use Cash as the soundtrack w…

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