I’m A Cat! No…Wait…Now I’m A Bunny!
Some of the videos I find on the web just amaze me.  First, how are people so patient that they can sit around and capture this stuff and second, why can't my animals do interesting stuff like this?  All they ever do is eat and poop!
Do you have an amazing animal...
Injured Mama Cat Leads Rescuer to Her Kittens
In yet another amazing tale proving some animals are more compassionate than human beings, we humbly submit Jolie, the heroic mama cat.
Jolie calls England her home, and when she was pregnant, some cruel dolt tossed her out of a moving car. She survived, and a kind soul fed her and eventually confine…
This Just in – Cats Love Brooms [VIDEOS]
When it comes to playing with cleaning tools, not every cat needs a Roomba to have a good time. Plenty are happy with just a plain old broom. In fact, they may even prefer it. Sure the ride may be a little bumpier on a manual, but most cats won’t bristle at that.

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