Helpful Dog Goes Grocery Shopping for His Owner [VIDEO]
A dog in China has been trained by his owner to go to local stores with a shopping list and then bring groceries home. When he does get back, the pup is justly rewarded with tasty treats like sausages and ice cream. A dog who is cute and runs errands? Where do we get one of those? All ours does is s…
10 Costumed Dogs Celebrating Thanksgiving [PHOTOS]
4tnz/Sugar Pants/YeePet
It’s time once again to give thanks, and what could we be more thankful for than awesomely ridiculous dog costumes? Oh, and the ridiculous, er, passionate owners who take Thanksgiving so seriously, they dress their canine friends up to celebrate the harvest. He…
Dog Tries To Not Act Gulity But Fails [VIDEO]
Imagine you have 3 dogs and when you come home from work there is trash all over the kitchen floor and two of your three dogs meet you in the hallway which leaves dog number 3 which is nowhere to be found, safe to say dog number 3 is gulity then when you see him there is no doubt in your mind.

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