Tinkerbell, The Duck Herding Pit Bull [VIDEO]
My great nephew Myles has a female pit bull named Tinkerbell. She is the sweetest dog and follows the boys everywhere. Myles recently turned 5 years old and for his birthday he wanted baby ducks! Yes, he asked for ducks for his birthday.
Best Friends And Puddles
A good friend will follow you where ever you go. A BEST friend will stop and wait for you while you play in the puddles in the road of life.
Crying Rottweiler Grieves for His Dead Brother [VIDEO]
WARNING: This video will hit you right in the feels, hard! This poor rottweiler named Brutus woke to find his brother Hank had passed during the night. His sorrowful look, tears and refusal to leave his brother show just how deeply dogs love. It's hard to watch and to listen to the owner try an…
Dog Rides the Bus to Park Without Owner [VIDEO]
Another amazing dog story. Meet Eclipse, a 2 year old female black Labrador Mastiff mix who's learned how to ride the bus all by herself to go to the dog park. She's a regular passenger on Seattle's public transit system.
Cat Learns to Channel It’s Inner Dog [VIDEO]
You can learn a lot from a dog. No other animal works and plays as hard, or loves as completely as a dog. To dogs everything is amazing! From chasing balls, cars and fetching sticks it's all amazing. Dogs know how to live, they make the most out of everything!

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