Today Is National Puppy Day, Here Is My Pride And Joy[PICTURES]
All day long people have putting pictures up on their Facebook pages of their puppies because it's National Puppy Day. Now maybe I am a little biased but I am pretty sure that my puppy Sasha is the cutest puppy ever to terrorize oh I mean walk the face of the Earth, she is playful, loving and w…
Miranda Lambert Grieves Over Missing Dog
Miranda Lambert‘s bed is one dog lighter. The singer tweeted last night that she’s sleeping with only three of her four furry friends lately. “And no Blake isn’t one of em,” she said. The other pup, a mix named Virginia, went missing …
10 Cute Dogs Who Will Do Anything for Treats
For some mysterious reason, February 23rd is known as International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. It seems likely that dogs managed to get a hold of a calendar somewhere and decided to mark this day, so to speak, in order to get more treats. Clever pups.
George Strait Gets a New Puppy
It seems George Strait has a new bunkmate on his tour bus. KNIX 102.5 in Phoenix reports that the king of country has adopted a new family member: a Golden Retriever puppy.

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