Paranormal Activity Not Over With ‘The Marked Ones’
Well it's Halloween and normally around this time of year and in fact if memory serves me correctly, a new Paranormal Activity movie should be getting ready to come in theaters this weekend or next week. Well there is no new movie coming out in time for Halloween, so movie-goers will have to fi…
The Cutest Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Pets
OK, I admit it, I am not a huge fan of dressing up my pets, but you have to admit some of the Halloween costumes that people come up with for their pets are, dare I say it? ADORABLE!  Here are some of my favorite pet costumes of all time.
10 Ways to Carve Your Pumpkin This Halloween
The best part about Halloween is the pumpkin. On a nice fall day you head on over to the local pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect specimen. Then you and your friends or family get together to carve your masterpiece and cook some delicious pumpkin seeds.
Choosing the perfect method to carve your p…
Seven Halloween Costumes for Kids You Should Avoid in 2012
Dear parents lets be honest with each other – sometimes when it comes to dressing our kids in Halloween costumes some most of us go overboard and fast forward 15 years from now we have to explain to our some what irritated teenager that he/she looked so cute as ‘Edward Scissorhand.&Close…

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