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Do the Houston Astros Have a Good Luck Charm in Aaron Watson?
Might the Houston Astros have a good luck charm in Aaron Watson? Simple answer: yes.
Last night, appearing in the MLB Playoffs for the first time since 2005, the Houston Astros handily defeated the Yankees of New York. The 3-0 win for the 'Stros was brought to you by solo home runs from Colby Rasmus …
Texas Rangers, Houston Astros Draft Paralyzed Players [VIDEO]
It may only be the second week of June, but the pennant race in both leagues for classiest move by a major league team is over.
Earlier this week, the Texas Rangers drafted a paralyzed player in this year’s Major League Baseball draft, while their cross-state rivals Houston Astros did…
The Great Escape: Baseball Fan Leaps Onto Field, Eludes Police
Run across the baseball field and not get tackled by police? Challenge accepted!
A recent video has surfaced on YouTube documenting a bizarre incident near the end of the Astros vs. Mets game on May 13. While Mark Lancaster was trying to capture the 9th inning of the game, a fan jumped out on the fie…