Seven Halloween Costumes for Kids You Should Avoid in 2012
Dear parents lets be honest with each other – sometimes when it comes to dressing our kids in Halloween costumes some most of us go overboard and fast forward 15 years from now we have to explain to our some what irritated teenager that he/she looked so cute as ‘Edward Scissorhand.&Close…
White Water Bay Adventure Park Kid Friendly Safety Tips
Going anywhere with small children can be stressful! You have to worry about big crowds, and finding a parking space close enough cause your little one can’t walk that far are among some of the things every parent thinks about. But if you have a plan before you hit the amusement park…
KLAW Salutes Seniors With Messages From Family!
Graduations of all levels of school are happening all over Southwest Oklahoma.  My friend Taira's son graduated from High School just two nights ago.  She was a basket case, and had been crying for a week.  Believe me, I know just exactly how she felt!

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