Winter Craft Items From Pinterest
Since the weather on Sunday was so cold I sat in my sock monkey jammies all day and browsed Pinterest. I found some really fun craft items and would like to share them with you.
6 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest
We all like to share our opinions and “likes” all over the internet, so the geniuses at Pinterest created a way for us to just clip, collect and post the things we see and love, and then share them with the world.
Seems simple, right? Well, not really. There are a few thi…
Keith Urban Joins Pinterest
What can we say? When the DIY-laced, fashion-forward, recipe-stocked pin craze of Pinterest began, we never thought we’d be reporting that male country music stars would be getting in on the action. But Pinterest has taken on a new role of late, serving as just another social media outlet where arti…
What’s on Lady Antebellum’s New Pinterest Page?
First we surfed the web, and then we blogged, and now we’re writing messages on walls, friending each other on Facebook and tweeting about the latest news. Lady Antebellum just got in on the latest internet phenom: Pinterest, a website where members can “pin” their favorite things to “boards” so the…