Miranda Lambert Picks Up Yet Another Stray Puppy
If it’s possible to become addicted to adopting animals, Miranda Lambert definitely has an addiction — and she might need rehab for the kind-hearted. According to the sassy songstress’ Twitter feed, she has welcomed yet another stray pup into the Shelton househo…
Thompson Square Get a New Puppy
It looks like Thompson Square has a new companion for the road — an adorable black puppy named Etta! The husband/wife duo tweeted a pic of their sweet new family member last night (May 8), and instantly grabbed tons of compliments from several of their 39,000 followers.
10 Unbelievably Cute Puppy Videos for National Puppy Day
It doesn’t get a lot of press coverage and the banks are still open, but March 23 is National Puppy Day. For the seventh year, we will spend this day reflecting on what it is that we love so much about puppies. Perhaps this is a day we should have more than once a year.