Oklahoma House Passes Bill Banning Texting and Driving
The Oklahoma State House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday (02-24-15) that will prohibit drivers from texting while operating a motor vehicle. HB 1965 by state Rep. Terry O’Donnell, R-Catoosa was passed with overwhelming support.
Thought Provoking Interactive Anti-Texting and Driving Ad [VIDEO]
The last two times I was involved in an accident the person who hit me was either on their phone or texting. Luckily for me they were both low speed collisions and one was in a parking lot. It's estimated that texting and driving or mobile phone use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel…
AutoGrammar is Coming to AutoCorrect
I know that I give Clay a hard time about his texting prowess but it's all in fun. Autocorrect has made for some great online fodder on Facebook and Twitter. You have to laugh at some of the text messages you read that have been accidentally autocorrected.  I suffered the wrath of autocorrect on Sat…
Teen Crashes Into Two Cars While Allegedly Texting and Driving [VIDEOS]
Last week, blogger Sean Symons captured horrifying footage of a teen driver who crashed into the side of the road, then hit two oncoming cars, all while he was allegedly texting and driving.
According to his YouTube page, Symons called the police when he spotted the texting teen, then pulled out his …