The Mace Place

No Sick Days Allowed at The Mace Place!
I don't know what hit me this week but it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I've heard there is something going around.  We were coming home from Dallas on Sunday when I felt that tickle in my throat and the scratchiness in my ears.  Oh I hate getting sick.
Radio Controlled Round-Up [VIDEO]
The life of a cow is not all that exciting.  Walk around, eat some grass, chew their cud, eat some more grass, drink some get the idea.  BUT when something shows up in the pasture that they are unfamiliar with, it's like the greatest day ever!
So God Made a Farmer
Right now it seems pretty bad in Southwest Oklahoma and Northern Texas.  Farmers and Ranchers are losing their crops and selling off entire herds because of the drought.  We'll come back, we’re tough!
Do You Remember Last Year’s Ice Storm?
I moved to Oklahoma from Minnesota in 1998.  I moved here to get away from the snow and the mosquitoes.  Who knew that I would move here during one of the hottest summers on record.  Well, 2011 looks to beat that record.  We have had little to no rainfall this summer and things a…
What Do You Do When It’s Too Hot To Go Outside?
This heat wave is getting the better of me!  What do you do when it's too hot to go outside?  I'm usually on the computer or washing dishes, or doing laundry or general cleaning of the house since, when it's nice outside, I would rather be in the barn or on the 4 wheeler or …
My New Bike!
David and I were out shopping over the weekend and he was getting his testosterone refill in the tool section at Sears so I decided to do some clothes shopping!  I tried on a few dresses and was completely disgusted with myself so I decided to move to another department.  I stumbled upon this retro …

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