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Unlikely Hero Saves Baby Goat From Drowning [VIDEO]
This video is about to go viral.  According to the story, this baby goat is at a petting zoo and has fallen into the pond.  Its little hoof becomes stuck in a rock and can't get out.  Its cries draw the attention of an unlikely rescuer.  WATCH HERE
Kansas Brothers ‘Farming’ Video Goes Viral
The Peterson Brothers from Kansas are getting more than a little attention for their video parody of LMFAO's "I'm Sexy and I Know It".  Their sister, Laura, helped shoot some of the video while the boys were doing what they do on the farm.  From sun up to sun do…
Dancing Eyebrows: Our First Viral Video of 2012
We have our first viral video of 2012!  Her name is Sara, she is 13 and from Australia.  She does more than raise one eyebrow in this video.  Check out her unusual talent.
I can raise ONE eyebrow but that's it.  How about you?

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