Tucker The Piano Dog Is a YouTube Sensation [VIDEO]
The Kenndy Family, from Canada, posted a video on YouTube of their one and a half year old Schnoodle, Tucker, who turns out have a special talent! Tucker as you can see loves to play the piano and sing! He does it 3 to 4 times a day! Is he any good? You be the judge! Amazing and funny video!
Personal Jetpacks Closer to Becoming a Reality [VIDEO]
Traffic backed up on Cache Rd.? Wouldn't be a problem if you had your own personal jetpack - and they could be coming soon.
Martin Jetpack, a New Zealand company which has been working on the personal jetpack for the last 27 years, had a successful test run of its latest prototype at 5,000 …
Newt Gingrich Running for President
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is officially running for President.
The Republican figure confirmed his long-awaited announcement on Wednesday in a video posted to YouTube, in which he said, "I believe we can return America to hope and opportunity ... There's a much better Am…
Casey Abrams Eliminated From ‘American Idol’
And then there were five.
Ryan Seacrest told us at the top of the show that we would be disappointed with the outcome of tonight's results - and he wasn't wrong: In somewhat of a shocker, Casey Abrams was eliminated from 'American Idol.'
Of course, the elimination wasn't totally surprising, as Casey w…
Aflac Returns With New ‘Spokesduck’ Voice [VIDEO]
He's baaaack!
Last night, Aflac debuted a commercial featuring the official new voice of its famous -- and admittedly annoying -- "spokesduck."
The man behind the voice is 36-year-old Daniel McKeague of Hugo, MN, who reportedly beat out 12,500 contestants for the gig, according …

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