Two teenage DUDES were arrested after they stole $11,000-worth of thongs and other underwear from a Victoria’s Secret store in Florida.

Now when I was a teenager I never stole anything, but if I would have I can't see this 'redneck' stealing lingerie, but these two yahoo's stole 850 garments in three incidents since 2012. The value of the underwear came to a grand total of $11,725.

Video was released showing the teens grabbing underwear by the handful and stuffing them into shopping bags. They were stopped by an employee on the third incident and the teens dropped the underwear attempting to run away.

The two have been charged with felony grand theft and cops are still trying to determine where the underwear was going to end up.

If you are going to break into the criminal scene, I wouldn't think that you'd want excuse for getting thrown into the slammer was I got caught stealing women's underwear.  It might get you the wrong kind of attention!