As we honor our Veteran's today for Veteran's day, I just wanted to say Thanks to my favorite soldiers, SSG (Ret.) Bobby Lee Benefield, and SPC Tyler Scott Chouinard.

My daddy was in the service when I was born at Fort Ord, California.  I only remember one time between then and when he retired here at Fort Sill, that he wasn't in the Army.  He served all over the United States and in Germany, and Japan.  I loved being an Army brat.  We got to go to Japan with my dad, and experience a wonderful country, plus I think that with the moves, all of us kids (5 in all) developed personalities and the ability to meet new people and fit in where ever we land. My dad loved our country.

When my son Tyler asked me what I thought about him joining the Army, my first thought was that his Paw Paw would have been so proud.  Like I said, I was a good Army brat.  I loved it and I told Tyler that it's a wonderful job, and an opportunity to see the world, and all the things that a Mom should say.  Of course in the back of my mind, I was thinking...uh no, you are my baby.  You need to stay in Lawton, and close by where I can see you anytime.  He chose the Army, and not Field Artillery either where he could have the possibility of being stationed at Ft. Sill.  Armored.  Where he drives a tank.  My son in a tank.  Yikes. We are facing Tyler's first deployment in the next few weeks, and while I am so excited for him to see Africa, I am nervous for him. I am a Mom.

Both of these soldiers were well trained.  They served and serve with pride. I am so proud to be related to these wonderful soldiers, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for protecting us while we sleep, and for making our country a great place to live.