It is not easy to surprise my son Tyler. He usually knows what's in his Christmas presents by shaking them. He guesses even the most elaborate surprises.  He is just way to smart for his own good.

This surprise finally got him!  Let me set it up for you. I love to hear my son sing. There is one duet that he does with Kevin, our Music Director, whenever he is at home, and it's my very favorite. It says so much about both our relationship with each other and with God. I ask them to sing it all the time.

While Tyler was in Africa, Kevin was going to sing the song by himself one Sunday morning, and I told him that I would sing it with him. It was my first time singing in front of the whole church and it scared me to death. It went pretty well, so we started thinking about how to surprise Tyler with it when he got home. The plan worked perfectly as he and Kevin practiced the song about 10 times before church last Sunday morning.

What Tyler didn't know is that I had the wireless microphone in the pew beside me and when it was time for Kevin's verse, instead of was me. No one but Kevin and I knew we were going to do this, and the look on Tyler's face was priceless!

Check out the video, but be kind on the singing!