Fads come and go a lot quicker today, because we beat them to death on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  But which ones are we going to regret the most in the future?  Here are the top seven

1.  T-shirts and posters that say "Keep Calm" followed by a dumb slogan.  Like "Keep Calm and Drink a Beer," or "Keep Calm and Eat Bacon."  It's from an old British propaganda poster during World War Two that said "Keep Calm and Carry On."

2.  The phrase YOLO . . . 'You Only Live Once.'

3.  Mustaches.  Like, fake mustaches, mustaches on cars, hipster handlebar mustaches, mustache tattoos on your finger, all of it.

4.  Using Instagram to make all your photos look vintage.

5.  Vampires and zombies.

6.  Hashtags.

7.  Wearing glasses when you don't need them.


What current fad do you wish would just go away?