Ahhhh. Summertime means vacation time.  And for the majority of American's it means hitting the open road and staying at a hotel along the way. 

Let me just go on the record right now and say I have taken a towel from my hotel room.  OK, who hasn't?  A survey commissioned by a online company which books hotels discovered that it is not just the shampoo that is leaving but much more.

35 percent of global travelers admit taking bedding, towels, magazines/books.  Others admit to taking bigger items such as lamps, pictures and clocks.

Last time I looked at a hotel picture, there was a placard on the wall letting the housekeeping crew know if the picture was missing.  And just how are you getting that faux Picasso out?

I can see in nicer amenities where the plush robes might go missing or the big fluffy towels.  Some have gone as far as to remove bedding including blankets, sheets and pillows.

I guess if you want to get real creative, you could steal away the roll away you asked for.  Now you have an addition bed next time you have guests in your home.

So I have admitted that I have taken a towel.  Have you taken anything from a hotel room?