"I remember going on the road with dad a whole lot," Thomas Rhett says. "I remember being that kid that wanted to ask dad to write me a doctor's note on Thursday so I could get out on a Friday and hop on the bus."

Most new artists don't know what it's like to travel from city to city, living on the tour bus until they actually launch their careers, but Thomas Rhett has been living that lifestyle since childhood thanks to his dad, singer/songwriter Rhett Akins. Rhett even let Thomas join him onstage playing drums or helping him out on hits like "That Ain't My Truck" and "Don't Get Me Started."

Thomas adds, "Now that I'm actually doing what he did, there hasn't been a whole of things I haven't seen before, which was kind of nice." These days, Dad often goes on the road with Thomas to write songs and offer advice.

"It's just really cool to have not only a dad, but a mentor and a friend to have kind of helped me along in the process, and him always being side stage right when I come off either saying, 'That was awesome,' or critiquing me for thirty minutes," Thomas says. "It's just been a cool ride."

Thomas and Rhett recently used their combined star power for a good cause. Father and son headed home to Valdosta, Georgia to perform a benefit concert raising $40,000 for Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The show was staged in honor of a family member, who has been diagnosed with the disease.