When your feet hurt, you just cannot get comfortable.  I know, because I have had foot problems for years.

I found out several years ago that I had bunions.  Not just one, but on both feet.  After years of just bearing the pain, and buying bigger and bigger shoes to give myself some relief, I had surgery to remove the bunion on my right foot.

The surgery was successful, but the damage that the bunion caused in my foot remains, as some bones had shifted, and continues to give pain.

This week, I was able to finally fine some relief from foot pain, as I had my first fitting with Optimum Foot Care. They are a brand new store here in town, and offered to help me get my balance back.

Earnest and his assistant Amanda made the consultation and fitting so easy.

First, we had to identify where my pressure points are on my feet.  That was done by walking on an ink pad. (so cool!). Then they had to choose the correct shoe and arch supports to balance my feet.

I'll be journaling my progress as I continue on my goal to walk without pain in upcoming 2014 5K walks.

Meet me here weekly as I tell how the shoes and inserts help me get my balance back!