Time.  It stands still for no one.  Well, maybe for those who want to preserve the past.

The Ladies Aide Society of The First Lutheran Church of Oklahoma City had enough foresight to do just this.  Recently, the time capsule that was buried in the church was dug up and our generation had a chance to look into the past.

There were the obvious things like a newspaper dated April 22, 1913 (the day  the capsule was buried,) a telephone - not even close to today's technology, and several items of the era including a lady's hat and a brand new pair of shoes - which still looked like they did in the store.

A book of poetry and family historical matters was open and read by decedents of the author.  A phonograph that was well preserved provided sounds of the day and the people who were involved.

It is truly amazing how after 100 years that all items were still intact.  There were specific instructions left by  the society on how the contents were to be put in the capsule and how it was to be buried.  After looking at the items, I can see how well the group did.  All of the items unearthed will be on display later this year at the Oklahoma History Center.

If you were to put things into a time capsule, what would they be?  I thought maybe a cell phone, digital camera, a thumb drive and of course pictures.  Maybe a writing or two of the events ongoing now.  Wonder if the people of 2113 will be as intrigued about opening my time capsule as the good people in Oklahoma City were on Monday.

Watch the 100 year old time capsule being opened in the video below: