The Saddle Mountain Fire Association is having their annual calf fry on Friday, April 20th.  This is the 16th year that the association has hosted this event. 

David and I belong to the Saddle Mountain Fire Association and I can tell you, the annual calf fry is not only a lot of work but is a lot of fun to attend.  The men are in the back of the fire hall cooking up calf fries, cat fish and chicken while the women are inside the fire hall serving it all up.

The event is always held at the historic Saddle Mountain Store.  The store is located at the intersection of OK highway 19 and OK highway 115 in Kiowa County.  Dinner includes calf fries, cat fish and chicken; potato salad and coleslaw; dinner rolls, dessert and a drink.   The cost of the calf fry is donation.  Serving will begin at 6pm and will continue until we run out.  You'll want to arrive early as it gets pretty crowded.

As with most volunteer fire departments, the Saddle Mountain Fire Association relies on donations to keep operating and fighting fires.  Last year was a challenge for all rural fire associations with all the wild fires we had.

The drought was not only hard on farmers and ranchers, these guys were out fighting fires all summer long for those farmers and ranchers.  This really puts a strain on their budget.  They use funds that are donated to keep the trucks fueled and maintained.  The fire fighters are not paid to fight the fires, they volunteer to do it.