Toby Keith has done 11 USO Tours, which means he's spent a lot of time visiting with wounded heroes. In fact, that's the most difficult part of each trip. 

Toby Keith says the most difficult part of his USO trips is making casual conversation with our wounded heroes. Toby says, you can't walk into a tent where a guy's laying with his leg blown off and start off the conversation 'hey man, how you doing?' Normal conversation doesn't work, you know? He ain't doing very good.

You have to go in and find something else new to stir the conversation, and those little things like that are really tough. Even more sobering is traveling with troops who've paid the ultimate price. He said, 'Flying on airplanes out of Baghdad with a couple coffins wrapped in American flags, you talk about a somber reality check.'

You step on a cargo plane and know that I'm getting ready to leave Kuwait or go to Germany getting ready to fly back to Oklahoma, and that guy is making his final trip home to Oregon in that box.'