NASCAR Day was created to celebrate NASCAR fans, charities and spirit. It focuses our attention on ways to make better the lives of children and their families through various NASCAR Charities. This year as part of the 9th Annual NASCAR Day, fans have another express their support of their Drivers and their charities by 'Pinning it Forward'; sharing their stories and uploading pictures to the NASCAR Foundation's page.

Believe it or not, my daughter and I are huge NASCAR fans.  Many Sunday afternoons, we watch the race over the phone.  You know where we watch it at our own houses, and talk to each other all through the race.  My favorite driver is Kasey Kahne.  He has faced some challenges in the past few years as he changed race teams, but has has some pretty solid races so far this season.  Kasey has his own charitible foundation, the Kasey Kahne Foundation, created in 2005 to help chronically ill and disadvantaged children. He also supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

My daughter's favorite driver, 5 time Sprint Cup Champion, Jimmie Johnson has his own foundation, Jimmie Johnson Foundation.  Jimmie Johnson is currently in 5th place in this year's Sprint Cup Race.

NASCAR fans and drivers are really about more than just the racing, and I think a great way to celebrate today's NASCAR day would be to make a contribution to the charity of your choice and 'Pin It Forward'.