Are you suffering app overload? People download a lot of apps, but they abandon 95 percent of them, according to a new study by Nuance. Bottom line: We keep using the same apps. Facebook, YouTube, Google Play, Google Search, and Gmail were the top five apps in both 2011 and 2012.


The average person spends about 39 minutes a day in their apps. For the typical app, less than half the people who download it use it more than once. So I took a look at my tablet to see how many apps I have downloaded and how many I actually use.

I have 65 apps downloaded to my tablet.  I use a Samsung Galaxy tablet.  Out of those 65 apps the ones I use the most are probably the five they mentioned and our mobile app radioPup.  I have lots of shopping apps like Amazon and travel apps Kayak and Travelocity; I even have an app that I can use if I'm out broadcasting somewhere and feel the need to just talk on the radio. Photo apps like Photo Grid and InstaGram; a gas log; OH! Google Sky Map is pretty cool and my banking apps. What did I ever do before all these apps?

What are apps you can't live without?