Garth Brooks has an announcement coming today, that he has kept deeply shrouded in mystery for over a week now. I took this opportunity to ponder what possible announcements could be coming at 11am CDT today at Garth's website

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    A "Comeback World Tour"

    Until problems with the local City Council reared its ugly head, Garth was set to kick off his "come-back" in Dublin, Ireland. This won't be much of a surprise considering the build up. Disappointment level: 9/10.

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    A New Box Set

    OK, Garth, been there, done that. You've released almost as many "box sets" (7) as you have albums of original music (9-not counting 2005's "The Lost Sessions" an album of previously recorded and unreleased material), including your November 2013 release Blame It All On My Roots, a 6 disc, 2 DVD set. Garth, give us something new please. Disappointment level: 8/10.

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    A Duets Album With Trisha

    Depending on the material, this actually might be kind of cool. If they record material that Garth has previously not recorded it would be incredible. If they go back and cover Garth old material....not so much. Disappointment level is split on this one. New material: 2/10. Garth covers: 10/10.

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    An Album of New Material

    Ok....this is what we REALLY want! The last time we received an album of completely new Garth songs was 2001's Scarecrow. Sure there were three new tracks on The Ultimate Hits in 2007, but really, 3 songs in 14 years? Its time to give us some fresh material sir. Approval Level : 2/10.

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    Halftime Show At Super Bowl 50

    Please tell us that the NFL has come to its senses and is bringing Country back for Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, CA. Sure, they'll probably go for more relevant acts like Miranda Lambert or Blake Shelton, but we wouldn't mind seeing you rope the wind at halftime of 2015's big game at the end.

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    Creation of A New Country "Super-Group"

    In an announcement that I, personally, have been waiting on for years, announce that you will be joining with Ronnie Dunn to form Garth Brooks & Dunn. Suggested songs: remake Ronnie's 2007 single with Cletus T. Judd, "Garth Must Be Busy." Approval level: 5/10.

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    Unexpected Comeback Album

    Garth announces that he is producing a comeback album and accompanying documentary DVD for Chris Gaines. Approval level: 6/10

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    You Just Stopped By To Say Hi!!!

    Really, you have nothing to announce, but you were missing all the media attention, so you really just wanted to say hi!!! Approval Level: 8/10

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    An Upcoming Movie Part

    Another announcement I have been waiting for for all these years. The inner-Star Wars geek in me is dying to hear you announce your upcoming role in Star Wars VII...Garth Vader! Approval level: 9/10

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    ...And The No. 1 Possible Garthnouncement

    You announce your candidacy for the Presidency of Ireland!