Out of curiosity we decided to go shop on Craigslist and find some of the priciest items people put for sale in Lawton, OK. We looked at jewelry, furniture, electronics, antiques, and collectables and we found some pretty pricy items! Check out our finds!

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    Man's Rolex Watch - $3700

    This guy is selling a Rolex watch for $3700 on craislist, that's more than what Shotgun Steve Kelly's car is worth!

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    Wedding Set for $2,500

    A scorned lover is selling a wedding set (his & her) for $2,500- the poor guy bought it for his ex wife, who found a new lover on Facebook. We say at least she gave the ring back!

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    Vintage KODAK Retina IIIc Camera - $900

    This is probably the coolest item we found on our scavenger hunt- this camera was brand new in 1959. The sellers is including all the original lenses and filters! Pretty darn cool- if we only had $900 to spend!

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    1950's Wilson Football Helmet - $200

    The ad reads 'This is a really cool late 50's Wilson "Red Grange" edition bubble ear football helmet,' and it can be yours for cool 200 greens + you get to keep the 'dummy head'.

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    Samurai Ceremonial Helmet - $450

    Yes, this guy really is selling a 'Samurai Ceremonial Helmet' apparently they are very rare and only a few left in existence, but you won't believe how much does this helmet really weighs- 20 pounds!

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    Wurlitzer jukebox 1956 Centennial 1900 - $5000

    This is just awesome. Someone on craigslist is selling a 1956 Wurlitzer jukebox and it comes with 250-45 RMP records! Simply Amazing! We wish we could just plug this baby in and start grooving...how about you?

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    Beautiful Reborn Baby Dolls(so real looking) - $200

    This is probably the weirdest thing we've ever seen in our lives! A lady is creating doll babies and she is calling them 'Reborn Baby Dolls.' The dolls can be customized down to their birth marks! And they look scary real! Check it out!