Travis Tritt certainly took a risk when he brought in his 15-year-old daughter Tyler Reese to duet with him on "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough".  It's the first single from his new album "The Calm After".

But he wouldn't have bothered if he didn't think she had the skills as well as the poise to take whatever the industry dishes out.

He says, "From being 'round me and being around the business, she knows what kind of hard work and what kind of commitment it takes.  So I think that having that kind of education will be beneficial for her."

He's also confident that she's grounded enough to make the right choices.

He says, "So many child stars that had a tremendous career at a young age, some might say too early, and all of a sudden they go from being on top of the world to being nonexistent.  And that can be a psychological nightmare."

Here is the video for his new single off his album "The Calm After" in stores now.