The 2012 Arts for All Festival is going on Saturday and Sunday, May 12th and 13th in downtown Lawton. The festival is one of the largest events in our community where Lawtonian can enjoy to go out buy beautiful art, enjoy live music, and try delicious food. Check out some of the yummy treats we found at this year’s Arts for All.

People were in line to try Lubbock’s fried Twinkies. We were skeptical at first. But it takes one bite that will leave you wanting more!

We can’t call it a festival without having a plate of awesome crispy curly fries. The fries tasted like homemade and were freshly made!

After having the curly fries – we thought we were done until we saw a sign that read ‘Fried Cheese on Stick’ – we had to explore more. And sure enough the cheese on stick from Purcell, OK didn’t disappoint us and turned out to be absolutely to die for.

Last but not least we tried the funnel cake with extra powdered sugar and warm strawberry jam! And we ate the entire thing! It was so delicious we will have to go back on Sunday and get us some more.


The 2012 Arts for All Festival is located at 425 Southwest B Avenue in downtown Lawton. Come and support the arts community!

What is your favorite must-have festival food?