This past weekend at the Great plains coliseum, there was a furry of activity.  No the barn was not full of 4 legged animals but that of the 4 wheel variety.  

The Mountain Metro Ambucks and Mad Gear held the second annual TrykesNTread car show.  There were all kinds of activities throughout the weekend for every kind of car, truck and bike enthusiasts.

One of the more interesting events of the weekend is where I want to point the spot light.  They held a truck / car limbo.  If you ever remember doing the limbo as a kid at a part or as an adult on some secluded beach after a few..well.. adult beverages, you know how low you go is how you win.

As the event is about to get under way, all of the low riding vehicles proceed to the starting point. Neat line up for fans to get pictures and to watch the fun.  But there was going to be a problem with one entrant.

Just before the limbo started, my wife called me to inform me she was nearing the coliseum to drop off a change of clothes for dinner that evening.  I was giving her directions as to where to pull up to meet me.  But before I could finish my sentence I heard oh no.  Oh no what?   I responded.  She had got into line for the low rider limbo.  I do not think the other drivers would have appreciated it very much that a 2010 Chevrolet Traverse was going to compete.  It took a while, but she finally made her way around to where we were broadcasting from.

I thought is was amusing as did my kids.  But not so much for the wife.  I bet the next time I need her to bring me something, I will get the look.

Check out some other great pictures.