Christmas has many worldwide traditions, as well as, individual family traditions.  The Christmas Tree is one tradition that began as a 'Christian' tradition but spread quickly to all.  But what about the the history of the upside down Christmas Tree?

Rooted in the 7th century St Bonafice journeyed from Devonshire, England to Germany to preach the message of God. His ministry was focused in religious as well as social work and he spent a lot of his time in Thuringia, a town located in Germany, which is the birthplace of the industry dealing with Christmas Decorations.

St Boniface wile staying in Thuringia, employed the triangular fir tree to represent the Holy Trinity made up of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. As a result the converted people started to worship the Fir tree as God's Tree. Then St Bonafice, using this triangular shaped tree tried to introduce to the pagan tribes the paragons of Trinity.

By the 12th century it became a custom, especially in Europe to hang the Fir trees upside down from the ceilings to symbolize the Holy Trinity. The Upside down Christmas Trees was also considered to be the symbol of Christianity. But the real history behind the hanging of the Trees upside down still remains vague. Presently the trend of hanging a Christmas Tree has changed, because nowadays the tip of the Christmas Tree is made to point towards Heaven, as many think that an upside down Christmas tree is a sign of contempt.

Truth be told, the upside down tree is probably a better representation of its original intentions than the traditional 'right side up' tree of today.

I do find it mesmerizing to watch the upside down trees.  I hope you enjoy this video of upside down Christmas trees.