Hard to believe that the family has been off Walton's Mountain for over 32 years. Sure you can find them on re-runs around the country and on cable channels, but nothing compares to the way we spent our Thursday nights growing up with the family. 

Now after all of this time, they have reunited to take a look back on some of the issues that were a part of the show just as it was in the time frame of the 1930's and early 40's. They dealt with war, segregation, poverty and the trials of everyday living.

There are many episodes that stick out like when John Boy got hit in the head with a board from the saw mill, the night the house burned down, and of course the book burning episode. The cast recently got together and talked about their favorite shows as well.

The Waltons will live on as long as there are people who want to see good, clean Americana television.  Do you catch yourself saying goodnight to your family like they did at the end of each show?