The Turkey has been cooked, the dishes cleared, everyone is kicked back in their recliners watching Football....Help, I have to get out of this house! How do you get out without causing hurt feelings? Here are just a few excuses to get out of the house on Thanksgiving!

You can take a trip to the trash. How about one a couple of blocks away? That would give you some fresh air, and help our your hostess at the same time! Front yard football. They do it all the time in those holiday movies. Why not in your yard? Well the fact that it rained like crazy on Monday may cause some problems, but what's a little mud between friends? You could take the dog for a walk, or in my case, you could take two! Please! They have some energy that they need to let go too! We could go shopping, most of the major stores are actually open on Thanksgiving Day. Really? On Thanksgiving? What's next, open on Christmas Day? Probably gonna pass on that one. My favorite way to get out of the house on Thanksgiving is to load up the family and go to a movie! Now that's a good time! Plus you are still spending that quality time with your loved ones. That's it, that's the ticket! A movie it is! "Hello, Jack?, Can you reserve me twenty seats please?"