Townsquare Media is happy to introduce a brand new feature on our website.  It's the Ft. Sill Update. New Ft. Sill Commander MG Mark McDonald is no stranger to Lawton/Ft. Sill.  His current tour of duty marks the fifth time he has served at Ft. Sill.



"When we found out we were coming back ( to Ft. Sill), we were so excited, this is such a great place, and what really makes it so good are the people around here", McDonald said.  During previous commands, MG McDonald has hosted an 'Update' of post activities, ceremonies and points of interest.  Today was the very first for Lawton/Ft. Sill with The Morning Crew on KLAW 101.



Topics updated during today's broadcast included:


2-4 FA Welcome Home Ceremony

Post Retirement Ceremony

33rd Annual Diamond Brigade Run

Letra Beach Open to Public

Listen to today's Update: