I have a new addiction - online shopping!  I can sit at my computer, research something that I want and find the best and cheapest place to buy it.  So, what are the best days to shop online?

Cyber Monday gets the glory but for the year's best online discounts on clothing, shoes and accessories, hit your keyboard late this month and in early September around Labor Day!  In identifying the 20 best days of 2011 to buy clothes online, sales-tracker ShopItToMe.com found that 11 of them were bunched up together at this time of year.  And this year's best shopping days are likely to mirror last year's.

Ranking in the top 20 last year were August 20th (a Saturday), August 22nd (a Monday).  What I have found is summer clothing is a bargain online right now!

Some of the things that I have purchased at a substantial discount are;

  • Foam floats for my pool - retail was $99.99 I found them online for $64.99
  • A new skimmer filter for my pool - out of stock everywhere in town, I found it online for $49.99
  • Brass plugs for my misting system - retail was $8.99 for 3 of them.  I purchased 3 for $0.89 online!

So, if you do your research you can find lots of fun things online at a discount.  Remember, you have to calculate the shipping into the purchase as well.  With the brass plugs shipping was $24 but I still saved a ton of money because I purchased 6 packages of 3.

Also, you will need to have a credit or debit card to complete the transactions or you will have to set up a PayPal account.

I have not purchased anything off Ebay or CraigsList.  They still intimidate me but I sure enjoy Amazon.com

What bargains have you found online?