What do a bar and shooting range have in common? Nothing! What COULD they have in common? Deadwood, South Dakota, will soon find out.  What could possibly go wrong?!

It appears that the City Commission will allow local businessman Greg Vecchi to open an indoor shooting range with a bar inside, appropriately named The Bullets and Beer Saloon. Vecchi, an Army vet who is soon retiring from the FBI, needs the commission's permission to change a local ordinance to allow firearms to be discharged in city limits.

The facility will include a gun store, a pawn shop, a saloon, indoor shooting range, and other retail establishments.  It is planned to host a gun show four times a year. The commission moved to consider approving Vecchi's request, as long as certain requirements are met—like no more than 50% of the income at the complex can come from alcohol sales. "I want it to be less than 5%," Vecchi says. "Sequence is important. Bullets first, beer second." And, he assured the mayor, he will require anyone who wants to shoot at the range to blow a .000 on a Breathalyzer. He aims to open the facility in June as reported on CBS News earlier this month.